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Mixila Trek 2 or 3 days

Mixila Trek

Mixila Waterfall, our first picture (2004/08/20)

Waterfall discovered in 2004 August 20th by Marcos, guide and agency director, nowdays Mixila Trek is one of the most done trekkings of Chapada Diamantina. It can be done in 2 or 3 days according to what the client wants.

Mixila Trek Description:
1st day- We leave in a 4wd car till the Capivara River. We go up the hill and reach Poção Waterfall, where we leave the backpackers. We keep walking up the tiver for 2 hours jumping on rocks and swiming through 2 pools toe reach the Mixila Waterfall. Than we walk back till Poção where we camp.

2nd day: We walk down for 1 hour to reach Capivari Waterfall top. We leave the backpackers and walk down to swim in its pool. After swiming and enjoying, we walk up again, take the backpackers and go to Palmital Waterfall, where we camp.

3rd day: We go to Capivara Waterfall in the morning and start walking back to Lençóis, crossing the Ribeirão do Meio in the end.

Obs.: All routes can suffer alterations because of climate conditions and can be adapted to the groups necessities.

Prices per person for Mixila Trek 2 or 3 days.

Obs.: We always work to reach3 or more travaleras, but we garantee the tours acording to the values bellow in case we don´t have at least 3 travalers. Those values are valid for groups open to other travalers, if you´d like to do the tours privately let us know to inform the private tours prices.

Mixila 2 days total p/ person
1 traveler R$ 1.500,00
2 travelers R$ 850,00
3 travelers R$ 750,00
4 or more R$ 710,00
Mixila 3 days total p/ person
1 traveler R$ 1.640,00
2 travelers R$ 930,00
3 travelers R$ 830,00
4 or more R$ 790,00

Includes: transport, trained guide(s), food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and camping gear (matress, sleeping bag and tent).


Fotos Mixila Trek 2 or 3 days