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Caldeirão Chapada Diamantina

Discover Chapada Diamantina 8 days

This package was created for those who are coming first time to Chapada Diamantina. Waterfalls, wide landscapes, fun and adventure are waiting for you!

Canyon Mixila Chapada Diamantina

Miner´s Trek Chapada Diamantina- Exclusive 3, 4 or 5 days

Waterfalls: 1st day: Capivari and Poção do Capivari. 2nd day: Mixila and Lages. 3rd day: Caldeirão. 4th day: Samuel.

Destinos na Chapada da Diamantina


Trekking Familiar Chapada Diamantina

Family Trekking

Trekking developed at the Paty Valley offering the families the possibility to walk through trails with less dificult level and